Accessibility Management Platform

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Accessibility Management Platform


AMP’s powerful testing engine and work flow, accessible development best practices and extensive training course library allow organizations to quickly and efficiently incorporate accessibility compliance into existing development processes. This ensures organizations have the infrastructure to rapidly conform to accessibility standards in a cost effective fashion. Once a baseline level of conformance has been implemented AMP provides the support to track and maintain compliance over time. It accomplishes all this while providing an on-demand, cloud based ownership model drastically reducing total cost of ownership and overhead for accessibility efforts.

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Auditing & Testing

AMP provides the ability to perform formal and informal compliance testing across a variety of accessibility standards and technologies. Based on our proven Unified Audit Methodology, AMP’s testing support extends from the ability to perform in-browser, quick page tests to scanning complete enterprise level websites. AMP supports a wide degree of formality in testing from quick, page specific tests to full, formal compliance audits of systems.

Access Assistant

Access Assistant, a toolbar for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, allows users to test content directly within the browser. Access Assistant provides a testing environment available to designers, developers and quality assurance teams to use throughout the development process. The toolbars allow developers to capture and test web pages directly from the browser into AMP – diagnosing issues directly against the Document Object Model (DOM) of the page. This provides AMP the ability to analyze real-time, dynamic content in a page that is inserted or modified by JavaScript or activated by user interaction.

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Best Practices

AMP’s included best practices library forms a powerful knowledge base for accessibility testing that reduces the industry standards into relevant, actionable conformance criteria and make public accessibility standards easier to understand. Each best practice provides code-level remediation guidance along with examples of compliant and non-compliant code, and linked to specific issues in reports. This is crucial so that you don’t just see an issue, but you’ll understand exactly what needs to be done and how to fix it. Users can also see what standards a best practice is mapped to, and what violations correspond to that best practice.


Enterprise level accessibility initiatives demand comprehensive reports that are tailored to specific roles within an organization. AMP supports this requirement by providing detailed reports across a number of parameters, including views of standards-based compliance levels, best practices for identified violations, affected modules, and violation prioritization. These reports allow organizations to document current accessibility status and compliance rates and create a prioritized project plan for addressing issues.

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Development lifecycle

AMP is the platform for all products and covers all phases of the software development lifecycle with integrations for Jasmine, Cucumber, Karma, Jest, Appium, Selenium, Protactor, TestNG, IBM Rational Team Concert, JIRA, JUnit, and Sauce Labs. Access Advisor and University cover all phases as well; Access Continuum covers Develop, QA, Release stages; Access Analytics and Alchemy cover the QA, Release, and Maintain stages.

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