Access Alchemy

Patch common accessibility issues without touching code?
It’s the magic of our web overlay.

Fixes are easier than ever

Instead of relying only on developers to manually fix heaps of violations, non-technical users can test and remedy issues right from within the browser. The JavaScript-based extension makes remediation for many common, noticeable issues easier than ever before.

Save valuable time by immediately deploying automated fixes for high numbers of duplicate issues. After you define a specific fix, it will be automatically applied anywhere else that same issue resides on your site—whether that page was ever tested or not.

Works right in your browser

Access Alchemy allows users to define things like proper alternative text or form labels directly out of the browser – so they can pinpoint exactly where each violation is located on the page. This means you can improve key parts of the user experience and buy time for your team to resolve issues in the actual code and fix page templates.

Clear results & Guidance

Access Alchemy lets you view all violations on the page along with the relevant best practices directly in the browser window. As you navigate through the issues found, options to fix are displayed along with necessary details and guides to the proper fix.

Don’t bug the dev team

Fix the most common and high-priority issues with no changes to source code, page functionality, appearance, or load time. Repairs can now be done by any web-savvy member of your team, regardless of whether they can read or write code. For global issues, users can test something once, define the fix, and then Access Alchemy will deploy that fix anywhere else it applies on any system page.

Development lifecycle

AMP is the platform for all products and covers all phases of the software development lifecycle with integrations for Jasmine, Cucumber, Karma, Jest, Appium, Selenium, Protactor, TestNG, IBM Rational Team Concert, JIRA, JUnit, and Sauce Labs. Access Alchemy is shown highlighted and covers QA, Release, and Maintain stages as well.

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